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Identify the solid phases in any kind of sample on our versatile system (more...)

Measure accurately sample weight losses under controlled atmosphere and temperature (more...)

Characterize the thermal events of your samples with a wide range of analytical conditions (more...)

Assess the crystalline fraction of a solid sample by different techniques (more...)

Classical though essential measurement for salt formation and crystallization (more...)

Solubility profile of a compound as a function of temperature in a large panel of solvents (more...)

Quantify a selected solid phase in a complex formulation (more...)

Control of the polymorphic purity of your samples with regard to known forms (more...)

High capacity and swift answer for routine analysis according to your specifications (more...)

Monitor your solid form from pure API to the final product (more...)

Specific rotation measurements of chiral molecules (more...)

Detection of counterfeited products by physicochemical analyses (more...)

Fruitful collaborations allow us to provide you with additional analytical techniques (more...)