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Our strengths

  • - swift processing
  • - elaborated report
  • - expertise of our team

Determination of crystallinity in a sample (or amorphous content) is a key feature during pharmaceutical development. Various parameters have a direct incidence on these values:

  • milling,
  • compression,
  • micronization,
  • spray-drying,
  • drying,
  • crystallization process,
  • phase transformation,
  • stability studies (ICH guidelines), ...


Holodiag develops several analytical approaches (XRD, DSC, DVS, ...) in order to get the best characterization depending on the sample and its behaviour. We can also point out appropriate techniques according to the known results.

Information and cost

Should you need more details or a quotation, please contact us.

Our analytical services are carried out under 5 worked days and come with a bibliographic search (patents, publications, crystal structures, ...) as well as an elaborated report that answer your concerns. Besides, our team remains available by phone and/or email for any additional detail or information you could further need .