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Differential scanning analysis allows the characterization of thermal events as a function of temperature. It is used in numerous applications:


Holodiag owns a high precision differential scanning calorimeter (Pyris Diamond, Perkin Elmer) which allows to work on a broad range of temperatures (- 70°C up to more than 700 °C). Heating and cooling rates (from 0.01 °C/min up to 500 °C/min) allow to find the best compromise between resolution and intensity of the thermal events, depending on the aim of the analysis.

The variety of available sample pans allows to design a large diversity of analyses (e.g. "high pressure" sample pans for degradation tests on non-tested materials). Samples can be prepared in a glove box under inert gas to avoid any degradation or transformation before analysis. The integrated sample changer gives high throughput capabilities whatever the need.


In addition, our system is equipped with StepScan Mode (modulated DSC) which is useful to differentiate reversible and irreversible phenomenons (e.g.: re-crystallization after glass transition and melting; desolvation during polymorphic transition). This information is essential in the study of phase equilibria. Moreover, they can be correlated with other thermal techniques (TGA, thermal XRD).

Information and cost

Should you need more details or a quotation, please contact us.

Our analytical services are carried out under 5 worked days and come with a bibliographic search (patents, publications, crystal structures, ...) as well as an elaborated report that answer your concerns. Besides, our team remains available by phone and/or email for any additional detail or information you could further need .