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Our strengths

  • - elaborated report
  • - swift processing
  • - expertise of our team

Your partner

Holodiag is your partner throughout your pharmaceutical development, from the pre-development steps to the production stage.

Mastering solid phases throughout the pharmaceutical development is a major challenge, whether it is for the regulations or to prevent/troubleshoot issues with disastrous consequences arising at late development.

Holodiag helps you to choose et to develop the "right solid phase", i.e. the one that won't interfere with the upcoming steps of the development and that will meet the requirements of stability (process, storage, transportation, environmental conditions on the targeted market place).

Sphere of operations

Holodiag deals with issues regarding the solid state. In most of the cases, they are related to crystallization processes, polymorphism or solvates. We are also dealing with enantiomeric resolution by crystallization and scale-up of crystallization processes up to the kilo-lab scale.


We attach great value to customer satisfaction. Studies performed within our laboratory are carried out in the frame of a quality system complying with the Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) guidelines. Besides our procedures are regularly audited by our customers.


Holodiag works with big pharmaceutical companies as well as small ones, contract manufacturing organizations. You can find some of our references on this page.