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Our strengths

  • - swift processing
  • - elaborated report
  • - expertise of our team

An active ingredient can turn up as a mix of several polymorphic forms. It is important to be able to detect the presence of another form, and, if needed, to quantify it to be sure to meet the regulations.

Besides, a solid form of an active ingredient can evolve towards an amorphous form during the different steps of the formulation process. Evaluation of amorphous content can be difficult to establish, though it remains essential.


Holodiag advises several analytical approaches (thermal or spectroscopic) according to the issues raised by the sample:

  • pure API or formulation,
  • low concentrations,
  • weak response,
  • concomitant phenomena during analysis, ...

in order to deliver reliable and reproducible results.

Information and cost

Should you need more details or a quotation, please contact us.

Our analytical services are carried out under 5 worked days and come with a bibliographic search (patents, publications, crystal structures, ...) as well as an elaborated report that answer your concerns. Besides, our team remains available by phone and/or email for any additional detail or information you could further need .