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Our strengths

  • - elaborated report
  • - swift processing
  • - expertise of our team


Polymorphism is the ability for a molecule to crystallize under several solid forms (packings). This phenomenon virtually concerns every solid form and represents a major stake in the pharmaceutical industry because of its impact on patents, DMF and market authorizations, business strategy, ...

Our services

Ignoring polymorphism entails you to dramatic consequences from a simple delay in the study to the cancellation of the development project.

Holodiag gives you the control of the polymorphism of your API:

  • bibliographic synthesis, state of the art concerning known forms
  • polymorphism screening, form identification
  • polymorphism study: relative stability (with respect to temperature, relative humidity, solvent composition), solid phase transformations, solubility profiles, choice of the most appropriate form, ...
  • development of robust crystallization processes, identification of critical parameters with the aim of process industrialization
  • scale-up

Activity tracking and reporting

Scheduled reporting and steering committees allow you a real-time monitoring of the studies. Besides, Holodiag delivers a high quality report which is a tool in the decision making process. This report highlights the key points together with advices for further development steps.

Information and cost

Should you need more details or a quotation, please contact us.