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Email: contact@holodiag.com
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Our strengths

  • - expertise of our team
  • - swift processing
  • - assistance


Projects in pharmaceutical development include necessary milestones to overcome. We can step in as specialists of pharmaceutical solid state and crystallization, to advise you in the decision making process.

Project feasibility

Holodiag offers a comprehensive monitoring of your project. Our expertise and knowledge enable us to help you by different ways :

  • decision making process,
  • case study and reporting,
  • on-site meetings,
  • state of the art presentation, ...


Our experience allows a rapid integration to the project and the encountered issues during the development. We are able to deliver swift answers and to provide assistance in the implementation of the solutions, and make you save a considerable amount of time for the next steps.

Information and cost

Should you need more details or a quotation, please contact us.