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Our strengths

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Enantiomeric resolution by selective crystallization of diastereomers requires the selection of a specific and efficient resolving agent/solvent couple. This selection allows to obtain a satisfactory enantiomeric excess and an optimized yield.

Specific crystallization trials are required to identify phase equilibria. They involve several analytical techniques (X-ray diffraction, DSC and HPLC).

Background of the study

We investigate on known data and, when necessary, we can perform a preliminary study in order to optimize the parameters to be studied during the screening process (e.g. characteristics of the starting materials, measurement of solubilities, ...). We can then direct the choices towards the most appropriate crystallization processes and build DOE accordingly.


We offer 3 different packages to fulfill your needs:

  • Focused
  • Extended
  • Custom-built


- limited number of parameters
- to get an insight of the solid phases
- affordable,
- rapid answer, swift access to the next development stage


- maximum number of appropriate resolving agents
- advanced characterization of phase equilibria
- defined protocols and design of experiments


- based on your specifications, or
- joint development of crystallization protocols and experimental designs


Test results enable the definite choice of the best candidate and leads to the development of a robust and reproducible process to obtain the pure enantiomer up to the kilo lab scale.

What you get

A screening of solid phases generates a huge amount of data. However raw data are just ... raw data. At the end of the study, Holodiag provides a high quality report: it is not just a compilation of analyses but an interpretation of the results, a highlight of the key points together with advices, and also an open discussion with our scientists.

And now ?

If the results from the screening process do not allow to narrow down the list of candidates or if you need additional data, we perform post-screening studies on stability (thermodynamic/statistic), solubility, ... You can then choose the most appropriate phase(s) according to the characteristics needed. When your best candidates have been selected, we can scale-up the process from few dozen of milligram up to the kilo lab.

Information and cost

Should you need more details or a quotation, please contact us.