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Crystalline structure gives access to helpful information regarding the molecular interactions in the solid phase. However, the growth of a single crystal with low defects and a sufficient size to be analyzed is required. Getting it involve mastering parameters difficult to control such as supersaturation.

Numerous parameters (such as the conditions needed for the growth of a single crystal with a sufficient quality for structural elucidation) can be identified with a screening.


Structure determination

Single crystal analyses allows to determine the crystalline structure of the solid phase.

Chiral molecules

Structural analysis is useful in the case of chiral molecules to determine their absolute configuration.


Multiple tests with respect to the physical parameters (temperature, solvent, pH, ...) and experimental parameters (hanging drop, sitting drop, ...) to grow single crystals suitable for analysis.


We offer 3 different packages to fulfill your needs:

  • Focused
  • Extended
  • Custom-built


- limited number of parameters
- affordable,
- rapid answer


- maximum number of crystallization parameters
- defined protocols and design of experiments


- based on your specifications, or
- joint development of crystallization protocols and experimental designs

What you get

A screening of solid phases generates a huge amount of data. However raw data are just ... raw data. At the end of the study, Holodiag provides a high quality report: it is not just a compilation of analyses but an interpretation of the results, a highlight of the key points together with advices, and also an open discussion with our scientists.

Information and cost

Should you need more details or a quotation, please contact us.